Behrend Clipper

Food Truck a Popular Option at Penn State Behrend

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

For Penn State student Abra Gold, the Behrend Clipper is a lifesaver--especially when it comes to her morning coffee and grabbing a bite in the evening after class. "I need coffee in the morning, and in the evening the Chicken and Waffle Sandwich is amazing. It makes a fantastic late dinner," says Gold, who lives in Almy Hall.

The Clipper, the first food truck operated by Penn State, opened at Penn State Behrend this past August and is proving popular among the campus community. Because the truck moves around campus, it provides a convenient dining and snacking option throughout the day and evening.

"It's literally a cafe on wheels," Gold says. "I go there at least three times a week at different locations on campus--whether it's outside the science building in the morning or parked by the residence hall right next to mine late at night. The Clipper's flexibility of hours and locations make it really convenient for students to grab a bite to eat on their way to and from classes."

The Clipper's menu offers three signature items: The Anchor Burger, the Chicken and Waffle Sandwich, and the Grave Digger Grilled Chicken Sandwich. The truck is open Monday through Friday for breakfast and lunch and Sunday through Thursday for late-night dining. For breakfast, menu items include pancake dippers (bacon coated with pancake batter), waffle sandwiches, and coffee. Lunch, dinner, and late-night snack items include favorites like tacos, burgers, and sandwiches.

"We're looking to be cutting edge here at Behrend," says Michael Lindner, Penn State Behrend's director of Housing and Food Services. "The food truck trend is exploding across college campuses and the food service industry. Students told us they wanted a food truck on campus, so we worked hard to make the Behrend Clipper a reality. It's been well received by our students, and we've received a lot of positive feedback."

Student Hannibal Pharathikoune, who visits the Clipper at least twice a day, is one of many satisfied customers. Stopping by daily for lunch or a late-night snack, Pharathikoune usually chooses the Anchor Burger, with the Chicken and Waffle Sandwich and the Grave Digger tying as second choices.

"A lot of students in the residence halls look forward to when the Clipper is parked outside at night because it's a chance to get a late-night snack or meal without having to make the trip to the dining facilities," he says. "Many students in the science complex also visit the Clipper in the morning to avoid making the journey to a dining hall in the cold weather."

For Shelly Sonney, a food service worker at Behrend, the best part of working on the Clipper is interacting with the students. "We play music on the Clipper, and often the students start singing and dancing along," she says. "I never hesitate to join them from inside the Clipper, and it always brings a smile to their faces. I love getting to know and serving the students here at Penn State Behrend. It's always been my mission to give them the best customer service possible and make their day just a little brighter, and it's fun to do that from the Clipper."

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